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The project

ItaliaSullaRete born as an experimental research project of the University of Calabria in the PhD "epistemological foundations of anthropological research and engineering of complex" whose coordinator was prof. Jacques Guenot. It aims to create a multimedia database for the enhancement and promotion of consensus-based Calabrian heritage of public administration, business involvement and the attachment that the Calabrian have with their land.
Given the success of the initiative on a regional scale it was decided to esternderlo throughout the Italian territory, in fact, aware that their citizens are the true keepers of knowledge, by registering to the portal, can possibly describe sites of great interest but often unknown to the rest of the world.
The project already enjoys the patronage of the moral and the scientific Region Calabria University of Calabria, the accession of several municipalities in Italy, in collaboration with associations, schools, museums, proloco, cultural associations, trade associations ...

ItaliaSullaRete realizes in fact a national network from which everyone can draw on information certified and in which all may propose, that the scheme will also be accessible through a network of information points located in the squares of the municipalities that have joined the initiative and the most crowded places . The devices are designed to allow the availability of multimedia content in the database, and the dissemination of information to citizens by public administrations.


If you have not yet joined the community too ItaliaSullaRete
content and suggest a site that describes your interest in this area ..
we will be happy to do it and discovering the rest of the world.