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Monterosso Calabro (VV)

The National Museum of Locri   Details
Established in 1998, the National Museum of Locri is located near the archaeological area. The layout follows a topographical, with areas dedicated to the urban area, the cemeteries and extra-urban sanctuaries
Locri (RC)

Temple of Athena   Details
On the slopes of Mannella, within the walls of Locri, on the side opposite that on which stands the sanctuary of Persephone, was a small Doric temple dating from the fifth century BC, probably dedicated to the goddess Athena
Locri (RC)

Sanctuary of Persephone   Details
At the foot of the hill Mannella, was the small sacred building (a thesauros) that Paul has performed as Bear Sanctuary of Persephone: the numerous votive deposits near returned thousands of exhibits, including the famous terracotta pinakes
Locri (RC)

Festivities in honor of St. Benedict   Details
Festivities in honor of St. Benedict From July 9 to 12, takes place in Cetraro the Feast of St. Benedict. The climax takes place on 11 July when the statue of the saint is carried on the beach as a propitiatory rite to fishing. It all ends with fireworks!
Cetraro (CS)

Cerchiara from   Details
Cerchiara from Aerial photo of Cerchiara
Cerchiara di Calabria (CS)

Church Monserrato   Details
Church Monserrato Church Monserrato
Reggio di Calabria (RC)

Borgo Enchanted   Details
A Gerace, every year in late July, is held an international festival of street art, the "Enchanted Village", with the participation of artists from around the world and maintaining tables for tasting downtown alleys
Gerace (RC)

Overview Gerace   Details
Overview Gerace Overview
Reggio di Calabria (RC)

Palio Ribusa   Details
Palio Ribusa Palio Ribusa
Stilo (RC)

Waterfalls Marmarico   Details
A few kilometers from Bivongi Stilaro the waters of the river, in places Marmarico plunge from the rocks, forming a beautiful waterfall with its more than 110 m. height is the highest in the southern Apennines and among the highest in the peninsula
Bivongi (RC)

City of White   Details
Small coastal Locride arose after the abandonment, due to devastating earthquakes, the ancient settlement, White is a thriving agricultural center in the territory of which the bergamot and the "Greek of Bianco DOC.
Bianco (RC)

Archaeological Sites   Details
Several archaeological sites that show a very old acquaintance of the territory geracese. Were found prehistoric villages and cemeteries, which have yielded remains of great interest, now kept in museums in Locri and Reggio
Gerace (RC)

Church of St. Francis of Assisi   Details
The Gothic church of St. Francis of Assisi was built in 1252, were joined to it, then, a convent and another church, partly destroyed over the centuries. The entire complex was restored in the course of twenty years, returned today to its original splendo
Gerace (RC)

castle   Details
Built on a rock in existence, then restored and fortified by the Normans, the castle of Gerace, the picturesque ruins of which remain, also conserves an imposing cylindrical tower, the defensive features of Norman
Gerace (RC)

Monastery of St. John Theresti   Details
The greek Orthodox monastery of St. John Theresti, founded perhaps in the eleventh century, is one of the most famous units monumental Byzantine-Norman southern Italy. Today, restored, was granted to the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Italy.
Bivongi (RC)

Bathrooms Help   Details
A short distance from Bivongi are alkaline sulphurous springs of "Bagni di Guida" (or "Holy Water"): here stood a spa and an apartment house with modern style monuments "industry" of great interest. Bivongi DOC
Bivongi (RC)

Convent of SS. Apostles   Details
To direct "dependencies" of the Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno, the monastery of SS. Apostles administered on behalf of the same Certosa, the vast lands that it owned. You can admire the imposing ruins of the Convent at about 2 km. from Bivongi
Bivongi (RC)

Tower Castellace   Details
Castellace on the hill, overlooking the coast between Cape Bruzzano of Roccella and the rock along the walls of Locri stood a great tower of which the ruins that remain. To it were joined, then a smaller tower
Portigliola (RC)

Norman Castle   Details
Built for defensive purposes by Roger the Norman in the eleventh century on the summit of Mount Consolino, the castle was originally a great strategic importance, but at the time of Charles of Anjou was later used as a prison
Stilo (RC)