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Historical period: 0000
Kind: Testo
Key words: Caulonia, Reggio Calabria, history

Caulonia, set on a rock cliff, "in the shape of a scalene triangle", a scent of orange blossoms, jasmine and brooms from its three hundred yards, impresses with its customs and traditions.

The origins of the birth and expansion of Caulonia, seem to date back around 722 BC. Built under the guard of Crotone, on the left bank of the festival, near Mount Caulonia, soon became an autonomous republic, independent, able to mint coins and dictate his moves. In 389 BC, Caulonia was besieged, conquered and destroyed by the tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysius I, with the tacit approval of the Republic of Locri. On the death of the tyrant, which occurred in 367 a. C., after being defeated by the Carthaginians in Erice, the son ascended the throne of Syracuse, Dionysius II, as a first step, gave Locresi commissioned to rebuild and repopulate Caulonia. During the Punic wars, was destroyed by the army of "wait" Fabius Maximus in 200 BC, pursuant to a final verdict issued by the Senatus Populusque Romanus.Per want winners in greek Caulonia was replaced Latin Castelvetere and consequently, survivors of the massacre had to cut ties with their traditions Magna Graecia. Over time, even amid the turbulent events of that time, Castelvetere returned to shine in the firmament of Calabria Hither. Following the War of Polish Succession, the Carafa passed to the Bourbons, in whose domain he remained until Garibaldi's exploits. 30 June 1862, following territorial unification of Italy, by decree No. 123,830 Ministry of Interior, changed his name, taking up the glorious ancient Caulonia. During Fascism, was honored glory, after Milan, the second pennant of Italy, while in sports, with his team, won second place at the camp "Dux" of Rome. Today, the 96 municipalities of the province of Reggio Calabria, is there Caulonia third territorial extension

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