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Historical period: 0000
Kind: Testo
Key words: Portigliola, locride, Reggio Calabria

"The border port of Locri" as it was anciently called, because the first blooms it becomes a riot of colors and scents Portigliola, a small hill town of Locri area, built in medieval times.

Small hill town of Locride, Portigliola lies at an altitude of about 100 m. sea level. Formerly known Palimpoli, Paleopoli, then Portaiola, finally took the name of the homonymous river, believed to be the Butrotus. Sorta, maybe, in the tenth century, if not before, when the coastal population, to avoid the Saracen raids, settled inland, Portigliola is very close to Locri, so that part of the archaeological city of the ancient Magna Greek falls on its territory. Possession of the families of Aragon (1473-1502), de Cordova (1502-1558), de Marinis (1558-1574) and Grimaldi (the latter held it until the end of feudalism), almost destroyed by the earthquake of 1783 and then rebuilt on the same site, was recognized Portigliola into independent administrative provisions in 1799 by General Championnet, that included in the canton of Roccella. In 1807 the French made it a place, or a university in the so-called government of Gerace, recognized, finally, common in 1811, was confirmed in the jurisdiction of the same Murat Gerace and assigned it to its territory: the latter, rectangular and exposed everything to the south, bordered by its namesake river and the towns of Locri Antonimina and modern day. Numerous and of great interest to the archaeological record in the area: prehistoric necropolis, the remains of the greek-roman theater of Locri and the Temple of the house Marafioti, the "casket Pirettina", containing the important files of the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus , Gerace Tower or Tower of the Ravens, the Tower dell'Abbadessa, the stronghold of Castellace, mentioned by Livy tells us when the attack of Hannibal against Locri, the "palatium" shares in Contrada S. Francis. The magnificent location, the amenity of the surrounding countryside and, above all, the wealth of ancient remains, make this small town, which boasts flourishing activities related to agriculture and pastoralism, an essential step in any journey of Locride

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