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Historical period: 0000
Kind: Testo
Key words: White, Reggio Calabria

Small coastal Locride arose after the abandonment, due to devastating earthquakes, the ancient settlement, White is a thriving agricultural center in the territory of which the bergamot and the "Greek of Bianco DOC.

Reggina small town in the Ionian coast, located along the Riviera of jasmine, white rose once about 3 kilometers from the current site, along the slopes of a hill placed at 260 m. sea level, due to the earthquake that devastated, first in 1783 and again in 1908, Elder White was eventually completely abandoned by the people who preferred to move along the coast, the area then known as White again (Novo) and on which today, emphasizing the modern urban core. The old center was built in medieval times (roughly the eleventh century), then belonged to various lords, including the principles Carafa di Roccella, with the end of feudalism became the capital of a thriving neighborhood that had formed part number neighboring villages, including Casignana, Jug and St. Luke. The old village now remain evocative ruins, including the remains of the walls (built as a defense against Saracen invasions) and of some portals belonging to the ancient buildings. In the immediate vicinity, but a little 'to the south (now the territory of the municipality of Bovalino) lie the ruins of an ancient hamlet, Zopardo (or Zoparto) and in the district Palace (Casignana) the remains of an imposing villa Roman imperial era. Of particular interest is surrounded by the ruins of the seventeenth-century convent of the Victory of the Fathers and the Reformed Church of Salvation (currently undergoing restoration). Today, White is a pretty seaside resort, in 2002 awarded the European Blue Flag, the destination of many tourists in the summer: to visit the church of Our Lady of Pugliano, built over an existing foundation Basilian religious buildings and rebuilt several times because of numerous vicissitudes, and, inside the cathedral (dedicated to all the Saints), an exquisite marble statue of 1530 from the school of Gagini and portraying St. Catherine of Alexandria in Egypt. Thriving agricultural town whose territory is the area of production of bergamot and excellent past, as "Greek in White 'and Manton, the country (since 2002 came in the circuit of the" city of wine ") has become a preferred destination for the Calabrian recipes. Of age tradition, moreover, the textile manufacturing, for which are still used the old hand looms in beech (known for their monumental beauty those of the district Pardesca). Intense and eventful, finally, the summer "bianchese", for which you points, between 13 and 15 August, the feast of Madonna di Puglia, with a nocturnal procession of the sea and spectacular fireworks that attract visitors from across the province of Reggio.

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Located in: Via Vittoria  89032   Bianco(RC)    Map

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