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Historical period: 0000
Kind: Testo
Key words: Borgo Maggiore, palaces, culture, Gerace

Before you start visiting the City of Gerace, the stranger can not make a short stop in Borgo Maggiore, characteristic for the many houses carved into the stone.

The city is decorated with sumptuous palaces with carved stone portals by local stonemasons. Among the most significant is the Palazzo Grimaldi-Serra. Originally seventeenth century, but rebuilt in the nineteenth century, when the structure was Sottintendenza of Subprefecture and is currently allocated to the Town Hall where ancient inscriptions are preserved among which the votive altar of Locresi (II cent. AD), through which was confirmed the alliance with Rome Eternal. Palazzo Migliaccio is located in Piazza del Touch and shows a beautiful portal with a molded overhanging crest of the family. On the east side are inserted a series of buildings that recall the many alterations suffered over the centuries from the building. Palace of Candida, a court noble building, you can see the bulging shelves of balconies supported by carved stone typical cats. Stand near the mullioned windows in blocks mixed blacks and yellows. Arcane palace overlooking the Piazza Tribune. It was formerly the headquarters of the Colony of Arcadia Literary Gerace. Its portal is in stone and represents the cycle of life. From bottom left: the child, the higher the young and the key to the adults talking. Continuing to the right age represented by the skull (death) and, finally, the metamorphosis with acanthus leaves symbol of eternal life. Palazzo Del Dodge, founded in the seventeenth century, is the only structure Gerace equipped with louvers for protection. Characteristic is also the main facade of Casa Marvasi which engages a beautiful model mullioned window. A nice porch century can be admired at home Zangara, while the corner overlooking Via Roma Trumpet of house is adorned with decorative stone. The portal to all sixth house of Lucifer (XVI-XVII sec.) Submit to the decorative piers (one team, a compass, a mallet, three chisels) and keystone (the moon and a star engraved with the name of ' architect Giovambattista Lucifer).

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Located in: Piazza del Tocco  89040   Gerace(RC)    Map

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