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Historical period: 0000
Kind: Testo
Key words: Gerace, Reggio Calabria

Medieval village founded by refugees on a sandstone rock Locri, Gerace houses one of the most beautiful old towns of Italy. The country, whose territory falls within the National Park of Aspromonte, keeps pulling old craft.

Medieval village in the province of Reggio Calabria, Gerace, whose center is considered one of the most charming and picturesque in Italy, holds a rich heritage of art, culture and traditions. Built on a popular sandstone, which reserves panoramic views of great beauty, the town, whose territory, as evidenced by the discovery of several protohistoric necropolis, is attended since Neolithic times, was founded during the Middle Ages by refugees of Locri who probably between the late seventh and early early eighth century AD (although the dating is translated, by some, even the X) chose the site for its natural characteristics of defensibility. Legend has it that he was a hawk (from the greek hiérax) to drive the Locri in place to underpin the new site and just from that fact, the town would then suddenly his name, according to others the name derives from the greek Hierà Akis (sacred mountain ) or from the corruption of the name Byzantine Hagia Kyriaki (Latin Sancta Cyriac), already attested to the village in 787. Very important administrative and religious under Byzantine rule several times attacked and plundered by the Arabs (who conquered the city in 985/986) and home to one of the most important and ancient dioceses of Calabria, flourished under the Normans, who made it a center of the first magnitude. Then passed under the dominion Swabian, Angevin and Aragonese, became the capital district of the French and remained so even under the Bourbon government. Around the mid-nineteenth century, it developed along the coast a new urban center that, in 1905, became administratively independent in 1934 and changed, then the name from Gerace Marina Locri. The village, despite the vicissitudes and ravages also due to devastating earthquakes, preserves its original medieval atmosphere and many of its beautiful churches, including the cathedral (the sacred building of greater amplitude of Calabria), the Convent Church of San Francesco of Assisi, San Giovanello, Santa Maria del Mastro and Santa Maria del Monserrato. Gerace part of the Club "The most beautiful villages in Italy", an association that was founded in 2001 (within the Tourism Advisory of the National Association of Italian Municipalities) to enhance the great historical and artistic heritage of small towns of peninsula. City of ancient artisan, whose territory lies in the National Park of Aspromonte, it is the guardian, in particular, a secular tradition Figulina, clearly inspired by Greek, but they are also well represented working wicker weaving and the production of lace and crochet lace.

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