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Historical period: 2010
Kind: Testo
Key words: center Gerace, Gerace, Reggio Calabria

Gerace retains its historic neighborhoods, the "Borgo Maggiore", the "Plan", the "Citadel", the "Borghetto", and especially in the upper part, the charm of the medieval village, enhanced by a magnificent cathedral a

Gerace, whose historical center preserves unchanged the solemn beauty of the ancient medieval fabric, which combine elements of Renaissance and nineteenth century, is divided into several population centers. First, the "Borgo Maggiore", the bottom and outside of city walls, in which, excavated in the tufa, were once found in the caves of the potters. The Church of Santa Maria del Mastro, with its splendid architecture, the imposing palace of Baux are, however, the "plan", where they held an ancient annual fair, documented since the sixteenth century. Not far away is the beautiful church of Santa Maria di Monserrato. Then there is another neighborhood, the Citadel, built mostly on rock, in which, in addition to structures that were intended for processing figulina, you can enjoy many fine churches and stately homes, finally, before the city walls, is the "Borghetto", another characteristic medieval quarter by which, through so-called "Gate of the Sun", you enter the upper town, lying flat on the top of scope. From the "Belvedere bombed," so named because it housed the esplanade of the walls on which were placed the guns, you can admire a beautiful landscape of the Locri area, which encompasses the land between Marina di Gioiosa Ionica and the rock of Africa. Overcoming then the "Gateway to the Bombarde" leads to what is the true heart of the town, the old "Square Tocco. Seven ways to define as many blocks, have been leading this wonderful open space onto which fine mansions, within walking distance is the "Square of the Tribune," where the apses facing the superb Norman cathedral. And then the "Beam" castle, "Largo Three Churches" everywhere is a flourish of charming views in which, In the interconnectedness of cobbled alleys, rise, round arches, ancient courtyards, stairs, squares surrounded by amazing buildings, on which beautiful flowers carved portals and facades with mullioned thirteenth in light and dark tans. "This corner of paradise is by far the most majestic and magnificent place that we have yet seen in Calabria" (Edwad Lear).

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