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Palio Ribusa   Details
Palio Ribusa Palio Ribusa
Stilo (RC)

City of White   Details
Small coastal Locride arose after the abandonment, due to devastating earthquakes, the ancient settlement, White is a thriving agricultural center in the territory of which the bergamot and the "Greek of Bianco DOC.
Bianco (RC)

Portigliola   Details
"The border port of Locri" as it was anciently called, because the first blooms it becomes a riot of colors and scents Portigliola, a small hill town of Locri area, built in medieval times.
Portigliola (RC)

The center   Details
Gerace retains its historic neighborhoods, the "Borgo Maggiore", the "Plan", the "Citadel", the "Borghetto", and especially in the upper part, the charm of the medieval village, enhanced by a magnificent cathedral a
Reggio di Calabria (RC)

Pazzano   Details
Village in the valley of Stilaro Hardly known for the presence, in the past, limonite mines (from which the iron is extracted). The village, whose history is linked to that of Stilo, Byzantine and preserves testimonies of industrial archeology
Pazzano (RC)

History Caulonia   Details
Caulonia, set on a rock cliff, "in the shape of a scalene triangle", a scent of orange blossoms, jasmine and brooms from its three hundred yards, impresses with its customs and traditions.
Caulonia (RC)

Antonimina history   Details
Inland ionic foot fortress of the Praca, topped by silvery-green olive trees located Antonimina, poor country but rich history of peace and serenity.
Antonimina (RC)

Stylus Old Town   Details
Willing to step on a tuff of Mount Consolino, with its stone houses set in the rock, the old conservative style intact medieval atmosphere that makes it one of the most beautiful and visited the region
Stilo (RC)

Stylus   Details
Historic town of Locri located on the Ionian side of the province of Reggio Calabria, Stilo in the tenth century was a Byzantine center of the first magnitude: the numerous historical and artistic importance, including the superb Catholic
Stilo (RC)

History of Gerace   Details
Medieval village founded by refugees on a sandstone rock Locri, Gerace houses one of the most beautiful old towns of Italy. The country, whose territory falls within the National Park of Aspromonte, keeps pulling old craft.
Reggio di Calabria (RC)

Canolo history   Details
The news on the center are based to some legends, one of which is narrated by Carmelo Severino in Naples who in 1831 published a poem title "Origins of Canolo.
Canolo (RC)

Careri history   Details
In 1570, a catastrophic earthquake forced the inhabitants of the center, named Pandora, to abandon their homes and move to safer areas nearby. It was therefore founded a new group which was given the name Careri.
Careri (rc)

Samos History   Details
Samo, the historical narrative, it seems, was founded by Greek refugees in the city of Samos, in fact. The news of Samos are lost over the centuries until in 800 AD, the population was forced, along with that of other centers to abandon the coast to escap
Samo (rc)

Ciminà history   Details
Walking through the country remains fascinated by the beauty of the landscape, which is visible from the old and narrow alleys, underpasses, steps that characterize it. The old town retains some original structures are interesting for the material used in
Ciminà (RC)

Municipal coat of arms   Details
Municipal coat of arms Municipal coat of arms
Bivongi (RC)

Monasterace history   Details
Locride small town located on a low hill about 3 km. from the sea, Monasterace also develops at the coast area surrounding the city of Magna Graecia Kaulon. The historical center preserves the ancient medieval atmosphere.
Monasterace (RC)

Bivongi history   Details
Small hill town of Locri, Bivongi, whose territory lies in the Regional Natural Park of the Serre, contains many vestiges of the past, including the superb Norman-Byzantine basilica of St. John Theresti (XI century).
Bivongi (RC)

Statues history   Details
Located on the extreme south-eastern slopes of Serre, Riace is an ancient town of Locri, which is 7 km. from the sea and owes its fame to the discovery of the famous Greek bronzes submarine kept in the National Museum of Reggio Calabria.
Riace (RC)

Roccella Jonica history   Details
Important coastal town of Locri, Roccella Jonica lies in the shadow of the ruins of its magnificent castle. The new area of the settlement is developed along the coast became a popular resort and beach.
Roccella Ionica (RC)

Marina di Gioiosa Jonica history   Details
Fraction of the town of Gioiosa Jonica until 1948, Marina di Gioiosa Jonica is a famous tourist resort. Vital agricultural center and commercial fishing, many times awarded the blue flag, it retains many vestiges of the past.
Marina di Gioiosa Ionica (RC)