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Sanctuary of Persephone   Details
At the foot of the hill Mannella, was the small sacred building (a thesauros) that Paul has performed as Bear Sanctuary of Persephone: the numerous votive deposits near returned thousands of exhibits, including the famous terracotta pinakes
Locri (RC)

Church Monserrato   Details
Church Monserrato Church Monserrato
Reggio di Calabria (RC)

Church of St. Francis of Assisi   Details
The Gothic church of St. Francis of Assisi was built in 1252, were joined to it, then, a convent and another church, partly destroyed over the centuries. The entire complex was restored in the course of twenty years, returned today to its original splendo
Gerace (RC)

Monastery of St. John Theresti   Details
The greek Orthodox monastery of St. John Theresti, founded perhaps in the eleventh century, is one of the most famous units monumental Byzantine-Norman southern Italy. Today, restored, was granted to the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Italy.
Bivongi (RC)

Norman Castle   Details
Built for defensive purposes by Roger the Norman in the eleventh century on the summit of Mount Consolino, the castle was originally a great strategic importance, but at the time of Charles of Anjou was later used as a prison
Stilo (RC)

Duomo   Details
Duomo di San Giorgio (Matrix) has been formed between the thirteenth and fourteenth century on the remains of early Christian buildings, formerly known as the Collegiate Church or St. Mary of All Saints.
Stilo (rc)

The Catholic   Details
Perched on a hill at the foot of Mount Consolino, the Cattolica of Stilo (dating to the tenth century) is arguably the most famous Byzantine monument of Calabria and is one of the highest artistic expression of Southern Italy
Stilo (RC)

Church of St. Francis   Details
The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, part of a large monastic complex was erected in the year 1450. Now back to its former glory thanks to a careful restoration, it is one of the most valuable examples of baroque Calabrese
Stilo (RC)

Church of San Giovanni Nuovo   Details
The Monastery and Church of San Giovanni in Stilo Nuovo arose in the early '600, today one of the premises of the complex houses the Museum of Industrial archeology and material culture. "
Stilo (RC)

The Ferdinandea   Details
Part of the history of style and King Ferdinand, an estate that belonged to Ferdinand II of Bourbon was a unique bond between a hunting lodge and steel plant, where the royal apartments and senior living together ovens.
Stilo (RC)

Church of Santa Maria del Mastro   Details
E 'dedicated to the Mother of God, to melagomartiri Eustratius and his companions and the martyr Catherine the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Mastro. Planting Byzantine (dated 1083-1084)
Gerace (RC)

Church dell'Annunziatella   Details
The Annunziatella, one of the oldest churches in Gerace, now partly destroyed, was probably built between the X el'XI century. Several excavations have unearthed many important finds
Gerace (RC)

The cathedral of Gerace   Details
The Byzantine-Norman cathedral, the architectural jewel of the town of Gerace, declared a national monument preserves the purity of the original lines.
Gerace (RC)

Church of San Giovannello   Details
With the intact purity of its lines, the Church of St. John Chrysostom (or Church of St. Giovannello) is one of the finest religious buildings of Gerace. And 'the oldest Orthodox church in Italy, raised to panitalico Sanctuary in 1997.
Gerace (RC)

Castle   Details
Fortified by walls and towers, the castle of Monasterace was built by the Byzantines in 1038 in the center of the ancient village.
Monasterace (RC)

The Hermitage of Monte Stella   Details
Mad: The most important place to visit for both the religious aspect to both the landscape and the Hermitage of St. Maria della Stella perched on the homonymous mountain.
Pazzano (RC)

Tower of Ravens   Details
Also known as the tower Portigliola or Cone Long, otherwise known as the Pagliopoli (Paleapoli), was built on the beach near the ancient port.
Portigliola (RC)

Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo (matrix)   Details
The imposing structure, yet keeps intact the architectural forms with which it was built after the earthquake of 1783.
Pazzano (RC)

Church of Our Lady of the Navy   Details
At the center of Ardore Marina, Contrada Jew, is the church of Our Lady of the Navy, built between 1630 and 1635 on the ruins of an old monastery.
Ardore (RC)

St. Nicholas Church   Details
The church of San Nicola is a seventeenth-century building completely rebuilt in concrete after the devastating earthquakes of 1849 and 1908.
Canolo (RC)